Monday, 2 February 2015


I hate having Sunday's of work, my body clock is always so messed up and I feel I waste the day, and then when I do feel like making an effort, everything has either closed, or it's too cold etc.
 I'm writing this on a Monday due to the fact I am ill, my body is so run down from the mundane stresses of life, and they aren't even big worries/ stresses. Why does working in retail make you so run down and tired all the time ? Is it because days off are never the same ? Having to paste a constant smile upon your face when your whole body is aching to scream ? You are stood on your feet from 9-530 most days ? You have to deal with strangers every day who are mostly judging you , although you chose this path and are completely happy with it, yet feel bad for choosing it ? I could go on and on, but instead I'll post pictures of my Sunday! Leave a comment below of you work in retail and feel the same !

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