Monday, 2 February 2015


I hate having Sunday's of work, my body clock is always so messed up and I feel I waste the day, and then when I do feel like making an effort, everything has either closed, or it's too cold etc.
 I'm writing this on a Monday due to the fact I am ill, my body is so run down from the mundane stresses of life, and they aren't even big worries/ stresses. Why does working in retail make you so run down and tired all the time ? Is it because days off are never the same ? Having to paste a constant smile upon your face when your whole body is aching to scream ? You are stood on your feet from 9-530 most days ? You have to deal with strangers every day who are mostly judging you , although you chose this path and are completely happy with it, yet feel bad for choosing it ? I could go on and on, but instead I'll post pictures of my Sunday! Leave a comment below of you work in retail and feel the same !

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A little enchantment

In the mids of winter, I always try and escape and clear my mind, which today I finally did ! Leamington is a tough place to escape but if you look hard enough you'll find cosy corners and unexplained sanctuaries. 

If you look closely you can always find beauty in the strangest of places ! 
Have a good day 🍀🍀🍀

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Snippets of my wee flat

I'm not usually one to share pictures of where I live, but recently I've realised how many lovely things we have collected over the past few years, that I just had to write it down and show you guys. 

Now our flat is very small, and has very dull walls. In Leamington you'd be lucky to find a flat/ house for under £700 with light, that's the problem with living in such a expensive town. No light and no space ! So these pictures were taken using my iPhone and edited using VSCO. I shall be doing a post on VSCOcam later on, due to it being awesomeeeee !!
On our bookshelf we have such a collection of things. Alex, my boyfriend pins butterflies and other bugs , which means we have them dotted all over the place. It's nice because it gives us a little extra money, and I get to see so many beautiful butterflies from across the world !
Also I have some crazy obsession with making pom poms, which again means I'm making garlands and putting them up everywhere ! One of my crazy dreams is to open a business and set up a pom pom shop selling rugs, garlands, and all kind of crafty magic ! (I'm deluded I know !!) Other bits on the shelf are a pair of wooden cloggs from when I was 15 and went to Holland on a school trip. I can't remember much from it, apart from milking a cow, and lots of disposable pictures being taken but now nowhere to be seen ! We also have my money jar, I'm trying so hard to keep adding all my loose change into it, rather than spend on chocolate, but it's not working. Last time I counted I had £22, which isn't much, but will make a big difference to my food shop !

The top of the shelf is mostly Alex's things. I went and bought some daffodils yesterday ( so surprising- it's January !!) So I put them out , and they've flowered so well, I'm so excited for spring ! Also we have a pair of water buffalo horns, we got them for an absolute bargain from a place called Tunnel Vintage in Leamington. Full of quirks and creepy things! I'm super excited for when we get a bigger place and they'll be in pride and place ! It's amazing how a piece of taxidermy can change a home, I'm usually freaked out by it all, but since I've moved in with Alex it's all he buys ! I also have a sweet (hilarious) post card from my old manager, which is just me all over,  I love it when someone just gets you, it's so lovely ! 
On the mantelpiece I have a couple of old pieces from my grandma. She gave me the cat and dog figurines when I first moved out, I've always been a fan of them, and I wouldn't want them anywhere else. They are so cute and tiny, and remind me of my childhood in the countryside ! Also we have 2 A's from the cafe rouge opposite my work. They were having a refit and were throwing out all the old signs , so obviously I wandered over and asked for the two A's, one for me and one for Alex. I'm still debating on if I should paint them or not, the old gold looks so nice, but it's quite dull and doesn't stand out much ! Other than that I love them ! 

What's your favourite things in your house ? Let me see !

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

January blues

I hate seasons. How they change, how the leaves change, how they change us. I suffer from extreme anxiety, and other 'issues'. These months don't help. It's January, I work in retail, the hype of Christmas has just passed and now we are onto the hype of sale time. Why do people come out ? Do they have nothing better to do? Most people went back to work yesterday (being the 5th) so now we have to endure the cold silent months from January to mid April. Then the summer comes and everyone seems in a lighter mood. But that's still a good 5 months away. I should be happy at the minute, I have just been promoted (yay) but that means I have lost my right hand lady to another promotion, so I'm left with staffing issues. I'm 23, this is my life. 

It's dark when I get home, and cold. My bills are extortionate due to living in such an overly priced town, I have put on weight like no tomorrow, and I'm losing sleep because I keep having panic attacks at 3 in the morning. Then the summer comes, and pretty girls are wearing pretty dresses, showing of their slim figures and their pretty tanned bodies. I'll be pale, freckled, snotty nose due to hayfever, and probably 3 stone heavier than I am now, because I have motivation to make a difference in my life. I do yoga. I stretch. I duck. I relax. For a whole 35 minutes a day. Although even saying that I don't! We aren't trained to switch off, we aren't trained to be like that. January blues are getting to me. Someone help! 

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Happy new year all ! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas spent with loved ones! I was extremely lucky this year to have spent a whole 3 days with my family back in the countryside, it was bliss. Being away from the noisy town and getting back to my roots (and my cats) was just lovely!!
So whats on the agenda for this year ? So far nothing (brilliant I know) I have just been promoted at work to Assistant manager, which is wicked, finally something good from working in retail for so long i guess! Anyway, this is just a blah blah blah post, i am going to be focusing more on my blog this year, and i have just created a new instagram page called '365daysfrommyview' , which is documenting everyday from my view for the year, i think it will be good mentally for me to see where and what i have achieved by next year. So give that a follow, and i shall still be using my other account which is linked on my page ! I am going to be getting a lot more into my crafts this year, picking up the knitting needles and get back onto making little things for people. Also my yoga practice will be back, cant wait to flex it all out again !

Anyway, i have cats to snuggle. Love A. X

Monday, 15 December 2014

The sad season

So. I suffer with extreme anxiety and depression. Well whilst writing this, it seems extreme. Im having such a bad time recently, I mean the other day i couldn't even get out of bed !! My dad calls November through to January the sad season, which is sad because i love christmas and new year, but i just keep thinking that my life is so pointless.
All I do is work in a shop,  5 days a week and then 2 days a week i do NOTHING. i never have any money, and I'm only 23 years old, i haven't seen any of the world, i didn't make it through university. I see everything as a failure. And i know that sounds so ungrateful, but its what depression does to you, turns you into something you dread, and what other people dread!
So just a quick post on how I'm doing. Nothing overly flashy or festive today.

 Big love folks, stay happy xx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

10 Things

It the season to be jolly. Or the season to be sad. So I have been thinking about the past year and how much I haven't achieved! So I'm setting up early for my new years resolution, and these are a few things for me to keep in mind !!

1-  Travel. If not the world, then the UK. Go to places and meet people
2- Physical challenge, 5k or 10k. Training WILL be needed
3- GET FIT! I used to be a size 10, and now I'm a 14/16. Its not bad, but its not toned I need to get back to being fun and fit, enjoying exercise!
4- Learn a language
6- Become more crafty. Im crafty anyway, but this could be the start of something ?
7- See old friends more often.
8- Make more of an effort with myself, hair , make up, and clothes.
9- Save money!
10- Have a clear out, and take things to charity shops etc!