Wednesday, 26 November 2014

10 Things

It the season to be jolly. Or the season to be sad. So I have been thinking about the past year and how much I haven't achieved! So I'm setting up early for my new years resolution, and these are a few things for me to keep in mind !!

1-  Travel. If not the world, then the UK. Go to places and meet people
2- Physical challenge, 5k or 10k. Training WILL be needed
3- GET FIT! I used to be a size 10, and now I'm a 14/16. Its not bad, but its not toned I need to get back to being fun and fit, enjoying exercise!
4- Learn a language
6- Become more crafty. Im crafty anyway, but this could be the start of something ?
7- See old friends more often.
8- Make more of an effort with myself, hair , make up, and clothes.
9- Save money!
10- Have a clear out, and take things to charity shops etc!

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