Monday, 3 November 2014

3 things

Each week I'm going to do a '3 things' post, which is basically my wish list shortened. Brilliant. I'm kinda hoping someone special will have a look and get some christmas ideas!!!

Firstly I've chosen this super awesome famous feline poster. Ive had my eye on it for a while and I think it will look amazing in a nice oak frame hanging on my wall, plus I have four cats, so why wouldn't I get it ? :))

Next are these super cute embroidery scissors with a stork on!! How brilliant are these ? Im in the process of making pom pom garlands, and I think these would help me out a lot, as I misplace most of my scissors, but these would be to cute to lose. Also for upcoming D.I.Y projects, they would be faaab!

Lastly I've adored these felt cat fairy lights, again they are cat related so I'm obviously going to love them. But I also LOVE fairy lights, especially around this time of year, nothing better than getting home from work, lighting a few candles, switching on your fairy lights and having a cup of hot chocolate !

So thats my 3 faces for this week, hope you're all having a good Monday!!

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