Thursday, 15 January 2015

Snippets of my wee flat

I'm not usually one to share pictures of where I live, but recently I've realised how many lovely things we have collected over the past few years, that I just had to write it down and show you guys. 

Now our flat is very small, and has very dull walls. In Leamington you'd be lucky to find a flat/ house for under £700 with light, that's the problem with living in such a expensive town. No light and no space ! So these pictures were taken using my iPhone and edited using VSCO. I shall be doing a post on VSCOcam later on, due to it being awesomeeeee !!
On our bookshelf we have such a collection of things. Alex, my boyfriend pins butterflies and other bugs , which means we have them dotted all over the place. It's nice because it gives us a little extra money, and I get to see so many beautiful butterflies from across the world !
Also I have some crazy obsession with making pom poms, which again means I'm making garlands and putting them up everywhere ! One of my crazy dreams is to open a business and set up a pom pom shop selling rugs, garlands, and all kind of crafty magic ! (I'm deluded I know !!) Other bits on the shelf are a pair of wooden cloggs from when I was 15 and went to Holland on a school trip. I can't remember much from it, apart from milking a cow, and lots of disposable pictures being taken but now nowhere to be seen ! We also have my money jar, I'm trying so hard to keep adding all my loose change into it, rather than spend on chocolate, but it's not working. Last time I counted I had £22, which isn't much, but will make a big difference to my food shop !

The top of the shelf is mostly Alex's things. I went and bought some daffodils yesterday ( so surprising- it's January !!) So I put them out , and they've flowered so well, I'm so excited for spring ! Also we have a pair of water buffalo horns, we got them for an absolute bargain from a place called Tunnel Vintage in Leamington. Full of quirks and creepy things! I'm super excited for when we get a bigger place and they'll be in pride and place ! It's amazing how a piece of taxidermy can change a home, I'm usually freaked out by it all, but since I've moved in with Alex it's all he buys ! I also have a sweet (hilarious) post card from my old manager, which is just me all over,  I love it when someone just gets you, it's so lovely ! 
On the mantelpiece I have a couple of old pieces from my grandma. She gave me the cat and dog figurines when I first moved out, I've always been a fan of them, and I wouldn't want them anywhere else. They are so cute and tiny, and remind me of my childhood in the countryside ! Also we have 2 A's from the cafe rouge opposite my work. They were having a refit and were throwing out all the old signs , so obviously I wandered over and asked for the two A's, one for me and one for Alex. I'm still debating on if I should paint them or not, the old gold looks so nice, but it's quite dull and doesn't stand out much ! Other than that I love them ! 

What's your favourite things in your house ? Let me see !

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