Sunday, 4 January 2015


Happy new year all ! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas spent with loved ones! I was extremely lucky this year to have spent a whole 3 days with my family back in the countryside, it was bliss. Being away from the noisy town and getting back to my roots (and my cats) was just lovely!!
So whats on the agenda for this year ? So far nothing (brilliant I know) I have just been promoted at work to Assistant manager, which is wicked, finally something good from working in retail for so long i guess! Anyway, this is just a blah blah blah post, i am going to be focusing more on my blog this year, and i have just created a new instagram page called '365daysfrommyview' , which is documenting everyday from my view for the year, i think it will be good mentally for me to see where and what i have achieved by next year. So give that a follow, and i shall still be using my other account which is linked on my page ! I am going to be getting a lot more into my crafts this year, picking up the knitting needles and get back onto making little things for people. Also my yoga practice will be back, cant wait to flex it all out again !

Anyway, i have cats to snuggle. Love A. X

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